It's time to start building your portfolio.

Safety without sacrifice

Simple on the outside, complex on the inside

Night Ranger does the work for you. Consistent, worry-free trading.

NR benefits from features such as

  • Hard stop loss on every trade

  • One chart setup

  • News filter

  • Auto GMT detection

  • Recovery Algorithm

  • Drawdown control

Night moves

Avoid the noise

The goal is simple. Low stress, high reward.

Night Ranger never trades during the big moves of the day. And even then, there are many checks that must pass before an entry is considered.

When all conditions line up, pending orders are deployed and are modified dynamically. This means instant execution without slippage on entry.

Our recovery algo has everything under control

Trades are never held longer than 6 hours. However, if a reversal happens the recovery algorithm gets right to work. This unique feature will preserve the account by taking a smaller profit, or a small loss, ensuring your account is always safe. With a current win rate of 73%, we'd say it works.